Take Action to Cut Carbon in Virginia!

The climate crisis is at our doorstep, and fossil fuel pollution is to blame. The rising of ocean waters due to climate change, combined with the area’s sinking land, will cause as much as 7.5 feet of sea level rise by century’s end. Meanwhile, fossil fuels are harming public health right now, causing air pollution in our communities, as well as skyrocketing energy bills. We need energy solutions and energy justice now.

Now, we need Virginia to take the next step, formally join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). This is a regional carbon trading program with nine northeastern states that has proven to cut emissions and create revenue. By joining RGGI, Virginia would receive more than $1 billion through 2030 to invest in climate resilience and energy efficiency solutions. Read more about RGGI here.

This is a solution that can benefit every Virginian family — no exceptions.

Sign the petition to Virginia leaders today!

Dear Virginia leaders, 

Climate change presents unforeseen dangers to every Virginia resident. And our most vulnerable populations will be hurt the worst. 

Joining RGGI is a win-win for Virginia: the program is proven to cut dangerous greenhouse gas pollution and create revenue to invest in efficiency and fund climate solutions. By joining RGGI, Virginia would receive up to $200 million annually which could be reinvested in flood relief across the state, and help lower bills for everyone in Virginia. 

The stakes have never been higher. Every region of Virginia is seeing the effects of climate change through stronger storms and a quickly changing energy economy. Without forward-thinking policies like RGGI, Virginia risks putting its most vulnerable residents livelihoods and future in danger. 

For safer shores, cleaner energy, and a stronger economy, I urge Virginia leaders to formally join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

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