Bring Virginia To 100% Clean Energy

When it comes to the climate crisis in Virginia, we’re about to drive off a cliff — and Dominion’s at the wheel. 

Flooding from sea level rise has become one of the most challenging public policy issues ever facing coastal Virginia. Intense storms are devastating agriculture across the state. Dangerous heat waves are causing asthma hospitalizations, heart attacks, and more. Meanwhile, the state’s largest utility, Dominion Energy, has had a stranglehold on Virginian politics. The biggest corporate donor in the state, monopoly has routinely blocked policies that would bring more clean energy to Virginia while pushing aggressively to expand fossil fuel-intensive fracked gas infrastructure. 

We need large-scale state policy solutions NOW to move away from the fossil fuel pollution at the root of the problem in a way that provides a just transition for everyone in Virginia. We support a policy that would require 60% of electricity to come from clean energy sources by 2036 and to determine the best way to get to 100% shortly after.


I support putting Virginia on the path to 100% clean electricity! 

The climate crisis is here in Virginia and it’s time to act. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change we have until 2030 to globally cut greenhouse gas emissions in half if we want to avoid climate catastrophe. In Virginia, this challenge gives us an historic opportunity to modernize our energy systems and usher us into an equitable green economy with good jobs for Virginians who need them most. That’s why I am urging you to support a policy that would require 60% renewable electricity by 2036 and put Virginia on the path to 100% clean electricity shortly after. This would lead us towards a just and equitable energy transformation by investing in the clean energy jobs of the future. 

Please help create a cleaner and more just Virginia by supporting an inclusive policy to: 

* Ensure that 60% of Virginia’s electricity comes from renewable sources by the year 2036 and get us to 100% shortly after 

*Invest in energy efficiency to lower bills for Virginia’s most vulnerable residents 

*Create new green jobs in coal country and low-income communities for a just transition to a clean energy economy 

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