Sign-on to tell MEA that you do not want more dangerous fracked-gas infrastructure in MD!


Governor Hogan wants to use state money to “kick-start” a fracked-gas expansion across Maryland. Sign the letter below to tell Governor Hogan that you reject funding of fracked-gas infrastructure!

Sign the letter below to Governor Hogan:


Dear officials with the Governor Hogan administration,


In the midst of a rapidly approaching climate crisis and on the heels of global activism bringing attention to it, we cannot continue to invest in dangerous fracked-gas infrastructure that will cause temporary and permanent harm to our state while further contributing to the overall destabilization of our planet's climate. More so, we oppose spending state money on these harmful new fracked-gas projects. Instead, we should invest in fixing leaking pipes. Emerging science shows that leaks of methane in Baltimore are twice as big as once thought. 


Governor Hogan stated that, “Protecting our clean water supply and our natural resources is critically important to Marylanders, and we simply cannot allow the door to be opened for fracking in our state.” We ask that the administration hold true to that statement. 

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