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Big Oil and Gas companies have knowingly contributed to climate change and engaged in a massive and expansive misinformation campaign to decieve the public on the scientific consensus around climate change and the severity of its impacts. They knew their products were driving climate change, they knew the catastrophic consequences we will and are already seeing today, and they misled the public to sow doubt and develop a culture of climate change denial. 


Big Oil and Gas companies ignored their own scientific reports on climate change, all in pursuit of higher profits and at the expense of the people and planet.


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I support holding Big Oil and Gas accountable for climate damages.

For the last five decades, Big Oil and Gas companies have knowingly contributed to climate change. They decieved the public for their own profit by going to great lengths to hide their findings on the roll of fossil fuels in spurring climate change.

It is time to take action and hold Big Oil and Gas companies liable. American taxpayers should not have to pay the billions necessary to mitigate climate change and adapt to the consequences.

Big Oil and Gas companies must be held accountable for this deception. The public is already suffering from climate change impacts and should not have to shoulder the great burden caused by the profit-seeking decisions of these companies. 

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