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Our climate is in crisis – and we know exactly who’s to blame: fossil fuel corporations and lobbyists with big money behind them.

ExxonMobil scientists knew the horrors of impending climate change back in the 70s. The company then lied about it for decades. And they’re still lying.

It's time to make them pay. 

Sign this petition to show your support for holding big polluters like Exxon accountable and making them pay to fix the climate crisis. 

I support holding Big Oil and Gas accountable for climate damages.

For the last five decades, Big Oil and Gas companies have knowingly contributed to climate change. They decieved the public for their own profit by going to great lengths to hide their findings on the role of fossil fuels in spurring climate change.

It is time to take action and hold Big Oil and Gas companies liable. American taxpayers should not have to pay the billions necessary to mitigate climate change and adapt to the consequences.

Big Oil and Gas companies must be held accountable for this deception. The public is already suffering from climate change impacts and should not have to shoulder the great burden caused by the profit-seeking decisions of these companies. 

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