Let's Stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline For Good

The Atlantic Coast Pipline would be a disaster for both the economy and public health. Now, we have a chance to kill it for good.

We plan to deliver a petition with thousands of names to Dominion CEO Tom Farrell ahead of the company's May 6 shareholder meeting. Help us convince the CEO and every Dominion shareholder that this pipeline would do more harm than good. 

Sign the petition today — then spread the word.

To Tom Farrell, CEO, Dominion Energy

It’s time to walk away from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline for good.

This controversial proposed pipeline for fracked gas is hopelessly bogged down in court, will harm our economy and the climate, and would steal from landowners across our region.

After the coronavirus, the last thing we need is another crisis at our doorstep. If built, the pipeline would be a disaster for both the economy and public health. In fact, the economic case against the pipeline is stronger than ever. The pipeline’s price tag keeps rising, even as gas prices have cratered. The only way this pipeline would be profitable is if Dominion passes the price tag onto ratepayers. But a new law — House Bill 167 — says the company can’t do that.

The argument against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is further supported by Dominion’s own words. Your company is already abandoning its previous plans to build more fracked-gas power plants in the state. You recently wrote to the State Corporation Commission that after passage of the Virginia Clean Economy Act, “significant build-out of natural gas generation facilities is not currently viable.”

To that we ask: why is the Atlantic Coast Pipeline still viable?

For the financial health of the company, it is time to walk away from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Please end your plans to build this disastrous pipeline once and for all.

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