No New Fossil Fuels in Virginia

Despite rapidly intensifying climate change, Virginia is being overrun with proposed dirty energy infrastructure and other projects that will endanger clean water and vulnerable communities while making climate change worse. 

Here’s the problem: every time a new fracked-gas pipeline or liquefied natural gas facility or dirty compressor station is proposed, progressive groups and vulnerable landowners are routinely caught off guard. Our side is then constantly playing defense from day one to stop these dangerous projects.

Enough is enough.  The science is clear. There can be no new fossil fuel development. No more pipelines. No more exploration of fossil fuels. We need a just transition to the clean energy economy now.

Sign the “No New Fossil Fuels” petition today.

Dear Virginia leaders, 

Fossil fuels, while creating tremendous wealth for a few Virginians, have also created irrefutable and widespread harm to the state. Richmond is the “asthma capital” of American thanks to smog associated with dirty energy. Entire Virginia mountain ranges have been destroyed due to coal extraction. And sea-level rise linked to fossil-fuel combustion is creating record flooding in Hampton Roads. To maintain a healthy climate worldwide, scientific assessments document that at least 80% of the world’s known reserves of oil, coal, and gas MUST BE LEFT IN THE GROUND. A key step to meeting this ecological imperative is to avoid any and all new infrastructure for fossil fuel use and extraction. Any new pipelines, any new drilling rigs, and any new gas-fired power plants directly deepen the hole we are in. We must stop digging that hole. 

That's why we are saying NO NEW FOSSIL FUELS. We must immediately invest in a just transition to a clean energy economy instead. We hope that you stand with us any opposing any new fossil fuel projects and lead the way to keep our state fossil fuel free.

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