Tell FERC: NO Special Extension for the Mountain Valley Pipeline!

We have an opportunity in the next week to halt the Mountain Valley Pipeline in its tracks. The owners are requesting a two year long extension from FERC to continue to lay its dangerous pipeline. All because they're billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule -- and still nowhere near finished building. 

The DEQ in North Carolina has already refused permits for the pipeline’s Southgate expansion, citing the pipeline’s incomplete mainline. FERC should read the writing on the wall and reject MVP's request for a special extension. 


Sign the public comment to FERC: NO extension for the MVP.

I am writing in opposition to the Mountain Valley Pipeline LLC request for Extension of Time on their Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. 

The Mountain Valley Pipeline has no place in Virginia’s energy economy. Any purported need for the MVP has diminished significantly since MVP was initially permitted. The region through which MVP will travel has a nearly flat energy demand and MVP’s failure to finish in time has had no negative impacts on the region’s energy demands. Even the CEO of ConEdison, an investor in MVP, recently announced that “gas . . . is no longer part of [our] longer-term view.”  

Additionally, the conditions have changed since MVP initial filing. MVP is over two years behind schedule and almost $2 billion over budget. This cost is expected to increase as MVP fights off lawsuits from its own contractors. The fact of the matter is that MVP is no longer economically viable. 

Finally, MVP has not demonstrated good cause for the extension. After several years, MVP still does not have all of the necessary permits in place to legally complete the project, and instead has accumulated  hundreds of violations of the permits it did obtain. MVP will have to continue to fight these ongoing multiple legal battles from all sides. This, coupled with the lack of need, lack of economic viability, and lack of completion of almost half of the project, shows that an extension is simply delaying the inevitable failure of the project.

I urge you to reject their request to extend their time. Biding time within a climate emergency is a doomed endeavor. This pipeline is a false solution to our energy needs. 


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