Add Your Name: Help curb transportation pollution in Virginia

The climate crisis is here and we’re running out of time to act. In Virginia, transportation pollution is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions statewide. Pollution from cars and trucks also brings great outsized harms to vulnerable communities, through worse air quality and public health impacts. 

We must secure a better future for our children. Please sign the petition to tell our Virginia leaders: Virginia must adopt  advanced clean car standards as soon as possible. 

Sign the petition today.

Dear Virginia leaders,

Climate change is here, and we know it hurts our most vulnerable minority and coastal communities. 

Transportation is the main source of emissions in Virginia, causing 45% of the commonwealth's overall carbon pollution. That's why adopting advanced clean car standards are a must for Virginia. Maryland has already adopted such emissions laws, along with California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and Washington D.C. There’s clearly momentum on this issue in our region, and Virginia should ride the wave and join in, since this initiative is ultimately a team effort.

 A study from the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation shows that for every dollar invested in transit, it translates to $2.86 in additional economic activity. This report showed that public transit is a net benefit to society, and not just through economic activity. Nationally, transitioning to electric transport values climate savings at $113 billion by 2050, as well as an 82% reduction in nitrous oxide emissions, which is the primary substance coming from automobiles.

We must act now before it’s too late. A move to a carbon-free electric grid will help, but we must do more to curb transportation emissions in the long run. This forward-thinking policy is the way to do so. 

This is an urgent move and crucial to securing a better future for our children. I strongly encourage Virginia to adopt advanced clean car standards.

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