Call Your Legislators:

We Need Climate Solutions Now! 


The legislature is now in session, and our top priority bill, the Climate Solutions Now Act, was just introduced. Let’s end the first week of session with a bang by calling our legislators directly and asking them to support this key climate bill. If you’d like a little more background, you can find a great summary in our factsheet here.


To make sure your message is heard loud and clear, follow these simple steps:


  1. Enter your information in our form to find out your legislator’s contact information
  2. Call your legislators with the script we’ve provided above the form. If you’re on mobile, you can use our simple click-to-call feature
  3. Make sure your message includes your name, zip code (to make sure they know you’re a constituent) and that you would like them to SUPPORT
  4. (Optional) Include one key personal reason why you support the bill


Here’s a sample script to help you ensure your message is heard loud and clear:


“Hello [LEGISLATOR’S NAME], my name is [YOUR NAME], I’m a constituent calling from [ZIP CODE]. I’m calling in support of the Climate Solutions Now Act of 2021. [Optional: Insert one sentence personal why you support climate action here]. Please do everything you can to ensure this bill reaches final passage. Thank you.”