Tell Congress: We can't wait!

Pass the historic Build Back Better Act Now


Congress is in the process of using reconciliation to pass the Build Back Better Act, which means it can pass with a simple majority in the Senate. 96% of Democratic lawmakers in Congress support passing the entire $3.5 trillion package, but 4% of the Democratic lawmakers are fighting to cut life saving and pollution reducing programs. Now is the time to do all we can to get this vital legislation signed into law.

Sign this petition to tell your members of Congress: Pass the Build Back Better Act as soon as possible!

Please pass the Build Back Better Act as quickly as possible, maintaining all the strong climate protections. 

As the details of the Build Back Better Act get hammered out through budget reconciliation, I am urging you to (a) keep strong climate protections, (b) expand health care, (c) invest in the care economy, (d) create a path to citizenship. And we need to make the rich and corporations pay their fair share so the legislation can be fully paid for. 

In particular, please preserve the strong carbon-free Clean Electricity Performance Program that will get us to 80% clean electricity by 2030, which will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create a million new jobs, prevent 300,000 premature deaths, and modernize the grid, all while keeping prices affordable. 

This is our last chance to pass meaningful climate legislation before the international negotiations in Paris. Please do what you can. 

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