The Inflation Reduction Act represents an unprecedented investment in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, these investments would create hundreds of thousands new family-sustaining jobs, prevent thousands of premature deaths, and begin to right the wrongs of climate injustice. The IRA law has a 10 year sunset date so every day of the next decade matters. 

Sign this petition to tell President Biden: Move ahead now and release rule guidance for IRA investments!

Dear President Biden:

Please release equitable rule guidance for the over 200 climate related programs in the Inflation Reduction Act as quickly as possible.

As you know, the IRA was not passed through regular order but through reconciliation which means we only have 10 years to maximize the benefits of these programs. Everyday the American people wait for rule guidance, that's one less day a low income family can apply for a grant to replace aging and dangerous gas appliances. 

On day one the Biden Administration committed to the Justice40 Initiative. As funds flow down to states and other recipients of IRA funds it is incumbent on the administration to put its equity commitments into real world practice by issuing clear guidance to prioritize disadvantaged communities. In addition, funds should support high-quality union jobs and employing workers from disadvantaged communities. 

Any delays threaten the Biden Administration’s ability to effectively and equitably implement the IRA. If the opposition controls both chambers of Congress in 2024 or 2026 they could block or overturn agency rules via the Congressional Review Act. We can’t afford delays. Issue rule guidance as quickly as possible with climate justice at its center. 

Thank you!

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