Tell EPA: Advance climate justice.
Speed up and strengthen America's
power plant pollution rules!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fallen WAY behind on key rules to reduce fossil-fuel power plant pollution!

These chronic delays have real-life health impacts on the American people, especially to low-income groups and communities of color. Waiting to finalize rules tackling power-sector pollution will mean exposing people around the country to more dangerous pollution that we know contributes to tens of thousands of premature deaths and hundreds of thousands of illnesses every year, while the climate crisis worsens.

While EPA has made moves on several of our key demands -- acting on carbon pollution, coal ash, clean trucks, and mercury -- there's still more to do. 

Tell EPA to speed up and strengthen power plant pollution rules!

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EPA must stop chronic and consequential delays on its power sector regulations. It must get moving further, faster right now — not falling further behind.

Failure to do so means that President Biden will not meet his campaign promises and could leave recent climate progress vulnerable to a future hostile Administration.

Right now, the EPA must implement cumulative impact analysis in permitting. Last October, the EPA released a final report detailing recommendations for the Office of Research and Development’s cumulative impacts research. The agency recognizes the importance of this research approach, however has not publicly committed to using cumulative impact analysis when approving permits for infrastructure projects.

For the sake of our health and climate, we are calling on EPA to move ahead as soon as possible and address these urgent challenges.  

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