Washington Gas Light Company (WGL) intends to spend more than $4 billion ratepayer dollars on polluting gas infrastructure, much of which will be obsolete as the District moves toward electrification. Last year, the DC Council advanced legislation requiring all new buildings be built with all-electric appliances and is moving to electrify existing residential buildings. PROJECTpipes, Washington Gas’ accelerated pipe replacement plan, is partly completed. Washington Gas has applied to the Public Service Commission for approval of $672 million for the next phase, PIPES 3. 

NOW is the time to stop this wasteful, breathtakingly expensive project that will increase climate pollution and keep DC locked into using fossil fuels for decades to come — well past when by law we must reach carbon neutrality! We need a groundswell of public opinion to show the PSC that DC residents support the DC Council’s courageous action to outlaw gas-fueled buildings and appliances, and we expect the PSC to respect the Council’s visionary leadership. The era of methane gas power must come to a close.

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