Tell the White House to Support a Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza and the Return of All Israeli Hostages

As negotiations for a Gaza ceasefire continue, we believe it is important for all Americans to speak up for a just and lasting peace. Take a moment to sign the petition below telling the White House to support a peace agreement that includes a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and secures the return of all Israeli hostages. The suffering of innocent men, women, and children must stop. 

Thank you for taking action, 
The CCAN Team

This petition will be delivered tomorrow (Feb. 8) by 8 PM ET.

President Biden: The Suffering in Gaza Must End. 

Dear President Biden, 

We call on you to support a peace agreement that brings an immediate and permanent ceasefire to Gaza while securing the release of all Israeli hostages. The suffering in the current conflict must end. 

Please use your influence to create a new pathway to peace for the Palestinian and Israeli people. We believe only a permanent ceasefire and the immediate release of all hostages can be the starting point for that peace. 


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