We're building a grassroots climate movement across our region and beyond — and YOU are part of it! 

To win on climate we need to organize. We are organizing people and resources on a local level, building the power of our movement, and identifying strategic opportunities with our volunteers on the ground to advance important climate justice policies.

We want to train dozens of volunteer leaders across the region to do the base building and outreach, make our movement more inclusive and equitable, and build volunteer structures that will outlast any campaign. And that all starts with having teams of people that know how to tell stories–that help others connect with you based on shared values–and how to build relationships for the purposes of moving people towards action. 

At these trainings, you'll learn the organizing skills of storytelling and relationship-building, which are essential to move people to take action! 

Sign up now to join us on four Tuesday evenings from April 30 through May 21 on Zoom. Sessions are also being offered in person at these locations:

  • Impact Hub - 10 E. North Avenue Ste 5, Baltimore, MD 21202 
  • Virginia Conservation Network -  701 E. Franklin, Ste 800, Richmond, VA 23219  

RSVP today! 

*All of these trainings build upon each other. If you cannot make one of them, we expect you to watch a recording of the training and complete any exercises prior to the next training. Your local organizer can meet with you during the week to answer any questions and help with the homework. 

This 101 organizing training miniseries is hosted by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. We will protect your privacy, and keep you informed about this campaign and others. You will only be texted periodically for significant action and training opportunities that will help us meet significant needs of the climate justice movement. You may unsubscribe at any time.